Welcome to the New England Regional World History Association

The New England Regional World History Association (NERWHA), an independent affiliate of the international World History Association (WHA), exists to advance scholarship, teaching, and the public understanding of world history throughout New England. NERWHA supports and works to advance scholarship and teaching within a trans-national, trans-regional, and trans-cultural perspective. Through the researchers, teachers, students, independent scholars, and authors who are its members, NERWHA fosters historical analysis undertaken not from the viewpoint of nation-states, discrete regions, or particular cultures, but from that of the human community. To this end, NERWHA supports a number of academic and pedagogical activities and forms of outreach, including semi-annual symposia, held respectively in the fall and spring. At these symposia researchers and teachers assemble to discuss both the most recent research and developments in the field and ways in which these breakthroughs can be integrated into the classroom at all levels, K-20.

It is with great sadness that NERWHA takes note of the passing of Michele Forman, a great teacher, mentor, and proselytizer for the field of World History. Michele was a friend of NERWHA and a friend to many of its members. Michele’s obituary is on line.

Announcing the Spring 2018 Symposium of the New England Regional World History Association

“Architectural History and Maritime History: Exploring New Digital Tools for World Historians and Their Students”
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Salem, MA
21 April 2018

NERWHA invites all interested persons to participate in this one-day symposium focusing on two research and teaching resources for world historians being developed at MIT. One is the Global Architectural History Teaching Collaborative (GAHTC) and one is the Visualizing Maritime History Project..

For more information on the symposium, including information on how to register, click this link.