NERWHA was founded on December 4, 1993 by fifteen university and high school world historians. The founding meeting took place at Northeastern University. The meeting was initiated by Keene State University history professor Wilfred Bisson and hosted by Northeastern University history professor Patrick Manning. Dick Allen of the Rocky Mountain Regional World History Association, an already established WHA affiliate, was among the attendees and shared his insights on the founding and operation of a WHA affiliate.

Northeastern University served as the institutional home of NERWHA from 1993 until 2004, with the History Department serving in this role from 1993-1997 and the World History Center from 1997-2004. After the World History Center closed, the records of NERWHA were moved to the University of Pittsburgh and were housed in World History Center there until 2011. At the request of the NERWHA Executive Council, Pat Manning sent the records to Salem State University, which served as NERWHA’s institutional home from that time until 2015. With the transfer of the Executive Office of the World History Association from the University of Hawaii to Northeastern University in the summer of 2015, the NERWHA Executive Council decided to move NERWHA’s institutional home back to Northeastern.

Links in this section provide access to NERWHA’s constitution, a list of officers and executive committee members, and a list of the symposia, panels, and electronic conferences it has sponsored.

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